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TRA 2012 in Athens, Greece, 23-26 April 2012

TRA 2012 (Transport Research Arena) took place in Athens, Greece, in April 2012.

TRA 2012 is an initiative of European origin that aims at highlighting and showcasing international research in transport-related areas. TRA 2012 has engaged world-known academics and practitioners from the area of Transport in order to man its scientific and management committees. It will offer a great opportunity to international researchers to present their work – whether theoretical or applied – after a peer-reviewed selection process and get feedback from some of the best people in their field.

TRA 2012 will enable researchers and transportation practitioners from around the globe to get together and exchange ideas and thoughts on some of the most pressing problems that the Transport sector is facing in our times.

TRA 2012 will facilitate the interaction between researchers and industry representatives; it will provide an opportunity for the private sector to partner/cooperate with leading researchers in practical applications and/or breakthrough solutions in the field of transportation.

TRA 2012 is also an excellent opportunity for a combination of business with a recreation break in Athens and the nearby Greek islands.