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Message from the Chairman

Dear friends, International collaboration and knowledge exchange are a must – all the more for a branch and a research center of a country as small as Belgium – to be able to provide input to foreign research results and to export our knowledge and our experience worldwide. That is the only way for us to stay at the cutting edge of technology in the road sector. The Belgian road branch has been cooperating with the World Road Association PIARC for many years.

Belgium was amongst the founding members of PIARC, created in 1909 in order to promote international cooperation in the field of roads and road transport. It brings together the road administrations of 118 governments and has members (individuals, companies, authorities and organizations) in over 140 countries. More precisely, it aims to define, develop and promote policies and practices that contribute to a safer and more efficient management of the use of road transport networks, in a context of integrated sustainable transport.

On behalf of the Belgian road branch, we make an active contribution within different technical committees. Besides, various presentations were given by Belgian speakers during the last World Road Congress in Seoul. As Chairman of the Belgian Road Association, I represent Belgium in the PIARC General Assembly.

I learned today with great pleasure that I am the sole candidate to the PIARC chairmanship.

With the help and cooperation of everyone, I wish, from 1st January 2017 onwards, and for the forthcoming four years, to focus all my efforts to improve and intensify international collaboration, so that the Belgian Road Community may reap the benefits of it and tackle the challenges of the road of tomorrow.

Claude Van Rooten
CVR\JC-hb (2.08.2016)