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Technical committees

PIARC relies on technical committees formed by delegates from member countries. These committees work on the various themes defined in a strategic plan, which is implemented for four years. They prepare technical reports, organize seminars and make contributions to PIARC congresses.

Schedul of kick-off meetings of the technical comittees 2016-2019.


The Belgian delegates to technical committees in the 2016-2019 work cycle are (update 22.02.2016) :

CT/TCOCW / CRRSPRB Mobiel Brussel / GOB Bruxelles MobilitéMOW / AWVSPWPrivate sectorYoung professionnals
TC/CT-A. Management and Finance / Gestion et Finance
A.1. Performance of Transport Administration / Performance des Administrations de transport
A.2. Road Transport System Economics and Social Development / Aspects économiques des Réseaux de transport routier et développement social
A.3. Risk Management / Gestion des risques
TF/GE-A.1. Innovative Financing / Financement innovant
TF/GE-A.2. Coordination between National and Sub-National authorities / Coordination entre les autorités nationales et infranationales
TC/CT-B. Access and Mobility / Accès et Mobilité
B.1. Road Network Operations-Intelligent Transportation Systems / Exploitation des réseaux routiers-Systèmes de transport intelligent
B.2. Winter Service / Viabilité hivernale
B.3. Sustainable multimodality in Urban areas / Multimodalité durable dans les villes
B.4. Freight / Transport de marchandises
TF/BE-B.1. Road Design and Infrastructure for innovative transport solutions / Conception routière et infrastructures pour des solutions de transport innovantes
TC/CT-C. Safety / Sécurité
C.1. National road safety policies and programs / Politiques et programmes nationaux de sécurité routière
C.2. Design and operations of safer road infrastructures / Conception et exploitation d'infrastructures routières plus sûres
TF/GE-C.1. Infrastructure Security / Sûreté des infrastructures
TC/CT-D. Infrastructures
D.1. Asset Management / Gestion du patrimoine
D.2. Pavements / Chaussées
D.3. Bridges / Ponts
D.4. Rural Roads and Earthworks / Routes rurales et terrassements
D.5. Road Tunnels Operations / Exploitation des tunnels routiers
TC/CT-E. Climate change, Environment and Disasters / Changement climatique, environnement et castastrophes
E.1. Adaptation Strategies-Resiliency / Stratégies d'adaptation-Résilience
E.2. Environment Considerations in Road Projects and Operations / Prise en compte de l'environnement dans les projets routiers et l'exploitation
E.3. Disaster Management / Gestion des catastrophes
Committee on Terminology / Comité de la terminologie

Member / Membre / Lid
Corresponding member / Membre correspondant / Corresponderend lid
Chairperson / Président / Voorzitter
Other member / Autre membre / Ander lid