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Pierre Schmitz honoured by PIARC

I am very pleased to inform you that Pierre Schmitz was elected as an “Honorary Member of PIARC” during the recent meeting of the Executive Committee of this Association in Seoul.

The Belgian Road Association (ABR-BWV), had, indeed, nominated Pierre for this title, on account of his nearly twenty years of commitment to PIARC.

He has been particularly active in PIARC since 1996. Until 2011, he was, successively, the French-speaking secretary and the chairman of the Technical Committee on “Road Tunnel Operations”. He is currently the vice-chairman of that committee. He has always made sure that his committee operates by a meticulous approach and makes essential recommendations for the safety of goods and passengers in road tunnels.

In addition to finalizing many reports the value of which is recognized even outside PIARC, he organized nine seminars of his committee and took the lead in the production of the PIARC Road Tunnels Manual, an electronic reference work which has been translated into ten languages. Also, he took the initiative for a specialized Dictionary on Road Tunnel Operations, which is currently available in twenty languages.

He has never failed to make proposals to turn PIARC into an organization at the forefront of progress; in this respect, he intelligently coordinated the first on-line course provided by PIARC.

This title of honorary member crowns a tremendous commitment to, and a sincere belief in, the mission of PIARC.

Congratulations and all the best!
C. Van Rooten

Date of publication: 10.11.2015

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