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PIARC - World Road Association

PIARC, or the World Road Association, was established in Paris in 1909, with Belgium as one of the founding members. Today, PIARC brings together the road administrations of 118 governments and has members (individuals, companies, authorities, organizations) in over 140 countries.

The general objective of the World Road Association is to promote international cooperation in the field of roads and road transport. More precisely, it aims to define, develop and promote policies and practices that contribute to a safer and more efficient management of the use of road transport networks, in a context of integrated sustainable transport.

The main activities of PIARC are:

- the World Road Congress, which is held every four years: most recently in Paris (France – 2007) and in Mexico City (Mexico – 2011). The next Congress is to be held in Seoul (Korean Republic) in 2015;

- the International Winter Road Congress every four years, in between World Road Congresses. Recent editions of this Congress were in Turin and Sestrieres (Italy) in 2006 and in Quebec (Canada-Quebec) in February 2010. The next International Winter Road Congress will take place in Andorra in 2014;

- the issuing of many publications including a quarterly magazine Routes/Roads, technical committee reports, congress proceedings and dictionaries of technical terms, as well as software packages (especially HDM-4 for economic evaluations);

- a website, which is not only a communication tool but also takes the forms of a knowledge base and a virtual library;

- the implementation of specific projects set up for developing countries and countries with economies in transition.


Technical committees

PIARC relies on technical committees formed by delegates from member countries and working on the various themes defined in a strategic plan.


National committees

National committees act as links between PIARC and its members. One of the tasks of the first delegate, who chairs the national committee of his/her country, is to select experts for participation in the work of technical committees and to provide them with support.

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