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a new extended Bureau has been formed on 8th September 2014

As an outcome of the Executive Committee meeting on 8th September 2014, a new extended Bureau has been formed. It is composed as follows: President: Claude Van Rooten (BRRC) / Vice-Presidents: Tom Roelants (AWV) and Bernard Cornez (FBEV-BFAW) / Secretary: Paul Plak (Agora consultants) / Treasurer: Philippe Lemoine (SPW) / Delegate for the Congress: Philippe Barette (BRPS Bruxelles-Mobilité)

At the vice-presidency level, an equilibrium between the public and private sectors is ensured by the presence of Tom Roelants (Administrator general of the Flemish Road and Traffic Agency, AWV) on the one hand and Bernard Cornez (President of the Belgian Federation of Road Contractors, FBEV-BFAW) on the other.

Paul Plak is succeeding Claude Van Rooten, who has been elected President, as the Secretary of ABR/BWV. In motivating his application, Paul Plak has emphasized his two major objectives, i.e. to strengthen the role of the private sector in ABR/BWV and to develop the interactions between the public and private sectors.

Philippe Lemoine is the new Treasurer. He is succeeding Eric Ghilain, who has retired. The experience he has gained both in ABR/BWV since the Belgian Road Congress in Genval in 2001 and in PIARC through his participation in the Commissions on International Relations and Communications from 2005 till 2013 can only be beneficial to the Association. He intends to maintain and strengthen the role of ABR/BWV not only as a forum of exchange between the various actors in the Belgian road branch but also as the Belgian National Committee of PIARC, while attempting to increase its attractiveness.

Finally, the members of the Executive Committee have expressed their interest in having a representative of ABR/BWV's flagship activity, i.e., the organization of Belgian Road Congresses, appointed in the Bureau. That is why Philippe Barette, who will chair the Programme Committee for the Belgian Road Congress in Brussels in 2017, has been assigned to acts as Delegate for the Congress.

Publication : 20.10.2014

Legend : the members of the Bureau from left to right :Philippe Lemoine, Tom Roelants, Paul Plak, Bernard Cornez, Claude Van Rooten and Philippe Barette.

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