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A new chairman for the Belgian Road Association

During the meeting of the Executive Committee in Liège on 12th May 2014, Claude Van Rooten, the director general of BRRC, was elected chairman of the Belgian Road Association (ABR/BWV).

This also makes him by right the first delegate of Belgium to the World Road Association (PIARC), which he has been an honorary member of since 2013.

He is the successor of Dirk De Smet, former director general at the DG Opérationnelle des Routes et Bâtiments of the Service public de Wallonie (SPW), who recently went into retirement.

Claude Van Rooten summarizes his leading ideas for his chairmanship as follows.

ABR/BWV is the indispensable ideal platform for establishing and maintaining the dialogue between representatives of public (federal, regional and local authorities and institutions) and private (contractors, suppliers, engineering consultants, and professional federations) partners in the Belgian road branch. The four-yearly Belgian road congresses, as well as site visits to special road construction projects, are excellent tools in achieving that goal.

As the director general of BRRC and as a professor at the ULB-VUB, I am also in an easy position act as an apolitical contact for the media, who are increasingly demanding explanations in road issues. In this capacity I hope to be able to contribute to the reputation of the branch, by communicating on a larger basis and at a scientific level.


Finally, my eight years of experience as a member of the Executive Committee of the World Road Association (PIARC) strengthen me in my belief that I can work for the maintenance and development of good relations between the Belgian National Committee and the various entities – both the technical committees and the administrative bodies – of that association.

Photo : The new chairman of ABR/BWV Claude Van Rooten (to the right) and his predecessor Dirk De Smet (to the left)

Publicated: May 27, 2014

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