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The Belgian Road Association (ABR-BWV) has three categories of members:

- institutional members, i.e., delegates of the Federal Government and the Regions;
- collective members, i.e., delegates of local authorities, public or public utility organizations, scientific, technical or professional associations, commercial enterprises or industrial firms, etc.;
- individual members, i.e., members on a personal basis.

Members enjoy reduced registration rates when participating in events organized or sponsored by ABR-BWV. They are invited to members-only events. They also have access to the members’ area of the website containing information on the operation and activities of the Association as well as restricted documents.

Furthermore, they are automatically members of the World Road Association (PIARC) and, as such, entitled to:

- a subscription to the Routes/Roads magazine;
- reduced rates in purchasing PIARC publications;
- access to the reports of the technical committees;
- a reduced rate in registering for the World Road Congress.

The membership fee is:

- 796.00 € for collective members;
- 100.00 € for individual members.

Interested in joining ABR-BWV? Take contact with our secretariat.