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Belgium is a small country with a dense road network and a complex form of government. It has nearly 120,000 km of roads, including 1,750 km of motorways. Depending on their importance, these roads are the responsibility of regional, provincial or municipal authorities. In this setting, the Federal Government has retained some competences of an administrative or regulatory nature and in the area of road safety.

Owing to its situation at the heart of Western Europe, Belgium is at the crossroads of large commercial and economic flows. Like its neighbours, it is faced with major challenges: a growing demand for mobility, the magnitude of goods transport, maintenance needs, the search for funding, and environmental concerns. The concept of sustainable development, which has come to the fore over the past few years, calls for a long-term vision that is bound to affect the roles of administrations, suppliers and contractors.

In this context, the Belgian Road Association (ABR-BWV) finds the very reason for its existence. It gathers representatives of public authorities and institutions at the various levels of power (federal, regional, local), as well as representatives of the private sector: contractors, suppliers, consultants, professional federations, etc. It is really a unique meeting and exchange forum for the various actors on the Belgian road scene. Although it aims to promote technical progress in the construction, maintenance and operation of roads, it also supports initiatives in the areas of mobility and road traffic.




Regional roads

Municipal roads

Walloon Region 869 50 % 7 545 54 % 48 187 47 % 56 600 48 %
Flemisch Region 867 50 % 6 027 43 % 53 035 52 % 59 929 51 %
Brussels Capital Region 12 1% 320 2 % 1 553 2% 1 885 2%
Belgium 1 747 100 % 13 892 100 % 102 775 100 % 118 415 100 %