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7 - 10 June 2010 : TRA 2010 in Brussels

The 3rd Transport Research Arena was held from 7th through 10th June 2010 at the Square meeting centre, at the very heart of Brussels.

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) is a joint initiative of the European Commission, CEDR (the Conference of European Directors of Roads) and ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council).

This international research and development event is traditionally organized by the road authorities of the hosting country. In view of the Belgian context, ABR-BWV acted as an interface and coordinator between the regional road authorities and the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport for the organization of the edition of 2010.

The main theme of TRA2010 in Brussels was “Sustaining road transport mobility through innovation in Europe”, covering all aspects of research and innovation in the area of road transport. Furthermore, the Conference focussed on contacts with the other transport modes, with special emphasis on urban mobility.

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7 June 2010
10 June 2010


box: SQUARE - Palais des Congrès


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Friday, 1 January, 2010
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Thursday, 10 June, 2010