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6th July 2011 : Reconstruction of the Motorway E17 in CRCP, Zwijnaarde (B)

A jobsite visit to the “RECONSTRUCTION OF THE MOTORWAY E17 IN CRCP” (continuously reinforced concrete pavement) was held on 6th July 2011. It was a co-organisation of the Belgian Road Association, the Belgian Cement Association FEBELCEM and EUPAVE.

Some 35 participants gathered in Maaltebrugge Castle near Gent.  After a lunch, Luc Rens, Managing Director of EUPAVE and administrator of the Belgian Road Association, opened the seminar and gave the floor to Peter De Backer, Head of the Roads and Traffic Division East Flanders, who welcomed the participants.  He gave an overview of the infrastructure he is in charge of in the province of East Flanders and mentioned a series of large motorway rehabilitation projects that are planned in the coming years and which mainly deal with concrete pavements.  The aim, as expressed by the Flemish Minister of Public Works Hilde Crevits , is to make up arrears by 2015 with regard to the quality of the Flemish motorway network.  The on-going project on the E17 is part of this rehabilitation programme and it is one of the largest projects in Belgium at this moment.

Gorik De Koker, Project Engineer in the Roads and Traffic Division East Flanders, presented the worksite. The reconstruction of motorway E17 extends over 11 km in total, including 9.9 km of CRCP (25 cm) on top of a sandwich layer in asphalt (5 cm) and a base layer in roller-compacted concrete (15 cm).  Apart from the 340,000 m² of pavement, about 23 km of safety barriers are installed and six bridges undergo joint renewals.  The quality control of the work is performed by external independent bodies: CRIC (the Belgian cement research centre) for the certification of the concrete mixes and COPRO as an inspection body on site, all this in addition to internal quality plans. Mr De Koker also highlighted the enormous attention paid to disturbance mitigation measures and the communication campaign.

Dominique Valcke, representing the association of road construction companies STADSBADER  and TRBA, gave a detailed presentation on the stages of the project . He emphasized the importance of a good worksite organisation to ensure a smooth proceeding of the works and to comply with the time restrictions.  He also mentioned the different plants (concrete – asphalt – crushing and screening) and equipment, in particular the brand new slipform paver WIRTGEN SP850 purchased for the execution of this job.

Luc Rens, Managing Director of EUPAVE, presented “New Developments in CRCP”. He started with the history of CRCP in Belgium, sketched the evolution of the design of CRCP and ended with some latest developments and procedures under study. The combination of longitudinal bar reinforcement with the use of steel fibres is one of these topics, for which a test section is provided in the E17 project.
The seminar was closed with a video showing the complete sequence of works from the start of the project up to the present.

After the presentation session, the group departed for the worksite.  The participants were able to see the different stages of the works and could take a look at the finished exposed aggregate concrete surface.  

The event closed with the cocktail in Maaltebrugge Castle, where the participants had an opportunity for pleasant networking.

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6 July 2011
6 July 2011




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